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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How many people can the Tikiboat hold?

A- 16   people, yes children are included in the  16 passengers.

Q- Are there bathrooms on board?

A- No, we encourage you go go before  your trip. There are bathrooms at the marina  for your use .  

Q- Does the    boat come with a captain or do we have to drive the boat ourselves?

A- Your trip comes with a USCG approved Captain and a 1st mate/bartender - so you can sit back and relax and enojoy the ride!

Q- Is your boat USCG approved?

A- Absolutely! Our boat is inspected annually and we comply with all USCG regulations.  We  have USCG approved captains, and are all CPR certified, and  we are a drug free  environment . 

Q- Are children allowed?

A- Yes! Our cruise is for all ages!

Q- Are pets allowed?

A-Yes, we    do allow pets on board as long as they are well behaved and on a leash

Q- Will we see dolphins?

A- This area has an abundance of  dolphins,  and that gives us a good chance of seeing dolphins and other wild life while we are out!    But there is no guarantee that we will see dolphins since they are wild animals .

Q- Can you smoke on the boat?

A-  Vape is allowed on board, but smoking is not permitted due to the thatched roof. 

Q- Can   we bring food?

A- Yes, Food and snacks are allowed

Q- Can we listen to our own music?

A- Yes, on a Private cruise, we have bluetooth speakers  for you to connect to, it is your tour, lets have fun!   

On public cruise we will control the bluetooth, but we take requests!

We    also have lots of USB plugs to keep your phone charged, We    do encourage you to bring your own chargers for your phones, but we do have some available to borrow.

Q- Are drinks included?

A- Yes!  You  will be provided with free drinks onboard! We have beer, hard seltzers ,  sodas, and water available. 

Q- How many drinks can I have?

A- We   provide you with 4 complimentary drinks , but you are more than welcome to bring your own if you would like more.  We    offer unlimited coke, sprite, coke zero, and water. Our Captain and bartender have the right to stop serving you alcohol if they feel that you have reached your limit.... you  may then have unlimited water :) 

Q-  Can we bring our own Alcohol?

A- Yes!- You are more than welcome    to bring your own drinks

Q- What if there is bad weather?

A-If your Captain cancels your trip due to bad weather you will be offered a rebooking if available or you will be given a full refund on the card you booked with. We will send out a text message to all passengers and let them know if there are any changes.

Q- Will there be shade?

A- Yes! Most of the boat is covered, and provides a lot of nice shade in this FL sun. Some seats towards the front of the boat get more sun .

Q- Will I get wet?

A- Maybe- our boat sits up off the water and is very stable  , so we don't usually get wet, but due to wake    from other boats water does come up on the front of the deck at times, and sea spray sometimes  can happen!  

Q- What should I wear?

A- We don't usually get wet on our tours-  but be prepared in case we do,  Please wear shoes that you don’t mind getting wet in the event that you are splashed.   Dress for the weather that day, sunscreen is always a good idea . Most of the boat is covered by the Thatched roof, so it does provide some cover from the sun and  light rain. 

Q- Can I  have a private party on  the Tikiboat?

A- Yes! We love parties!  Anything you want to celebrate , we are here for you!  You are allowed to decorate the boat for your event , as long as it doesn't cause damage.  You are responsible for  putting up and taking down the decorations - that should also be done during the time of your  trip. Due to other bookings,    decorating prior to tour may not be possible- reach out for special requests.  We are all about accommodating if we can to make your trip special! 

Q- Can we tip the crew?

A- absolutely, its encouraged, our crew will work hard to provide the best tiki tour for you and appreciate your gratuity.   Gratuity   is   NOT included in your booking.

Q- What is your cancellation policy?

A- Booking cancellations or rebookings will not be permitted within 48 hours of your trip departure.  If you decide to cancel or no show your $500  deposit will be forfeited.

Private tours will require a $500 deposit to hold your booking- the rest will be collected the day of the trip when you arrive. 
Customers will also receive a full refund or credit in case of captain cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Please show up 15 min early to fill out    the necessary waivers.
Please  wait in the shade  area near rentals and your Captain will meet you there to board! 

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