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FREE  beer, seltzer, soda, water




Welcome to Island Tiki Tours!

Come let our Captain cruise you around and show you our beautiful beaches,  while you sit back with a drink and enjoy the scenery.   We offer Public and Private 2hr, 4hr, or 8hr,    cruises to suit you and your groups needs.

Public Cruises- We will cruise around Shell Island and St. Andrews State Park, while you sit back and enjoy the views. We do not usually stop and anchor, unless everyone is in agreement.  We will try and     be as accommodating to your wants as possible.

Private Cruises- You get to decide and customize your cruise! If you want to just cruise around and sight see, or if your group would like to  anchor at Shell Island and play in the water, or walk the beach for awhile ( time depends on length of cruise). You also get to be in control of the Bluetooth and play whatever you want!

All cruises  comes with Free Drinks

We can seat up to 16 Adults

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Our Trips


$67.99    Adults
$29.99  kids ( under 12-2)
under 2 is Free 

 Public Cruise    to Shell Island
2 hr     
Free Drinks

$67.99 Adults
$29.99  kids ( under 12-2) 
under 2 is Free

Public  Tour to Shell Island
2 hr
Free Drinks

$599   up to 16    people

Private cruise   to Shell Island
Free Drinks

4 hr. Private cruise  to Shell Island
Free Drinks

$998   up to 16   people 

$1499    up to 16 people

Private  Tour to Shell Island,  8 hr
Free Drinks

Private  Tour to Shell Island,  2 hr
Free Drinks

$599   up to 16  people

Private  Sunset and Night Cruise

Catch the sunset and Party 
under the lights on the boat

$700 up to 16 people


312 Bay Shore Dr. Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Screenshot 2022-02-10 11.37.30 PM.png
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